Switching Power Supplies Chameleon CV PWM


Multifunctional power supplies in 40 and 75 Watt (24 VDC output). They can be used as 1- or 2-channel power supplies (dynamic load balancing). The power supplies can be controlled by 6 different control modules (DALI DT6, DALI dynamic white DT8, DMX/RDM, 1-10 V Mono, 1-10 V dynamic white, RF). The basic version of the power supplies can be also used without control modules. Noiseless – without fan.

5 years warranty information

Technical Data

Power source:

100–260 VAC

Frequency range:

50–60 Hz

Dimensions (l x w x h):

40 Watt: 144 x 84 x 36 mm

75 Watt: 173 x 94 x 38 mm


40 Watt: 0,4 kg

75 Watt: 0,5 kg

Product Types